Mens Sheepskin Jacket in  : Brown Bickingcott
Brown Bickingcott
Art # R-01-516

A serious, super-lux brown sheepskin shearling jacket in a style. Crafted from a wonderfully thick, soft sheepskin hide to a semi-matte finish this jacket is all you need to protect you from the freezing chill of winter. A double breasted front works brilliantly at stopping wind from entering and is fastened by a chunky gunmetal zip placed to one side which extends up extends up to the throat. A button at the top keeps the flap from opening out and, if the wool fleece lined collar is turned up, a press stud collar strap completes the look.
There are two zipped pockets at the waist and buckled leather straps at the cuffs so that adjustments may be made to accommodate gloves. Alternatively the straps can be removed entirely and the cuffs rolled up for a shorter sleeve length.
As is common with all genuine sheepskin shearlings the interior of the jacket is the woollen fleece side of the skin. This is ensures incredible warmth and is why these jackets are so highly valued. It also incorporates an extra zipped pocket.

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